At the turn of the last Century, Canadian inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier had applied his mechanical skills and inventive nature khổng lồ create the 1937 B7 snowthiết bị di động, patented as the world‘s first tracked vehicle for the snow.

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By 2003, became a standalone company devoted khổng lồ delivering the world"s best off-road vehicles. Advancements in engineering, a proven record of racing success from dominating the motocross series in the 70"s lớn three-in-a row 2018–2020 class wins at the world"s toughest race; the Dakar Rally. proves that as far as we’ve come, there’s never a limit to how far we"ll go next.


September 2015: DefenderMarch 2016: Defender MAXAugust 2016: Maveriông xã X3February 2017: Maverichồng X3 MAXSeptember 2017: Maveriông xã TrailApril 2018: Maveriông xã SportSeptember 2018: Maveriông chồng Sport MaxJune 2019: Defender 6x6September 2019: Defender PRO


It speaks to lớn our unique heritage of ingenuity & excellence behind our products & the unforgettable experiences they deliver. It is about the machines we build and the emotions they provide. A commitment to always obsess about creating the very best experience for our riders, without compromise.


We exist khổng lồ create new ways lớn move people, so that experiences are measured in emotion rather than distance. We reimagine the way you access your world.


We have sầu a passion for movement, the wind-in-your-hair feeling—the freedom. Passion informs everything we vị and is deeply ingrained in our values.


Our Patents

Curiosity drives us lớn uncover new solutions first. We question. We innovate. We progress. Relentlessly.

We"re constantly working to lớn innovate, so much that we file patent applications every year for great new inventions—don"t think for a second we"re not thinking far ahead to what off-road will be lượt thích in 2050 & beyond.

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In diverse areas, has been recognized for its focus on doing it right on và off the trail through Red Dot Design awards, numerous race wins, ongoing social responsibility initiatives, health và safety stewardship, & future-focused leadership.


–Industry-leading 195 hp / 135 lb-ft of torque.–Best Power-to-Weight ratio.–Industry-leading suspension travel.–3-time Dakar Rally class winner (2018-2020).


–450 / 570 : Industry-exclusive TTI rear suspension.–1000R: 91-hp Rotax 1000R is the industry"s most powerful engine.–650 / 850 / 1000R: Industry-leading 1,650 lbs towing capađô thị (10% more capability than our closest competitor).


–Rotax HD10 : Industry-leading 69 lb-ft of torque.–Industry-leading towing capacity of up lớn 3,000 lbs on the Defender 6x6.–Industry-exclusive automatic air conditioning mode on the Defender Limited.

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