" />Thaco Garden 79s is designed & manufactured in Southeast Asia's largest bus factory with luxurious interior, avant-garde công nghệ and high safety.

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Thateo Garden 79s is designed & manufactured in Southeast Asia"s largest bus factory with luxurious interior, avant-garde giải pháp công nghệ và high safety.
The highlight of the Thateo Garden 79s is its rear-mounted engine. The compressed air suspension is equipped with 6 air tanks (2 at the front, and 4 in the back) supplied by Germany’s Komman. Meanwhile, Michelin tubeless tires plus Alcoa alloy wheels from the U.S. help the bus operate in a smooth và stable way on a variety of terrain conditions.
Another great feature of the new lineup is the full monocoque body toàn thân và chassis structure coated with ED, which helps reduce vehicle weight, increase durability, save fuel & increase stability during operation. In addition, the bus is equipped with an anti-loông chồng braking system (ABS) that ensures safety for customers.
The new Weicnhị engine is equipped with CRD-i (Electronic Common Rail System) and an environment-friendly triệu Euro 4-standard emission system.
Thateo Garden 79s boasts a luxurious và modern kiến thiết. With just 7.9m in length, belonging lớn the small bus category, this vehicle is designed as a tourist bus.

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The new bus has spacious cockpit & passenger cabins. Its interior is furnished with leather seats, headrests along with ceiling lights & LED reading lights to lớn create genuine comfort for passengers.
The bus colors & decorations can be customized. The luggage compartment has an aluminum alloy door, providing plenty of space equally allotted to 4 chambers.
In addition, the bus is equipped with advanced halogen headlights, daytime LEDs, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors, built-in glass heating, rear cameras, LED side lights which contribute to lớn the high class appearance of the bus.
The Garden 79s was manufactured at the THACO Bus plant in Chu Lai - Truong Hai Complex, coastal Quang Nam province. This is the biggest và most modern bus factory so far in Southeast Asia which applies automation khổng lồ its auto manufacturing và assembly lines & a large-scale wastewater treatment system.

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On this bus launch, THACO opens promotions for the first 200 bus consumers with the selling price of less than VND1.6 billion.