Bmw 3 Series Price

Highs First-rate powertrains, brilliant ride và handling balance, generous cabin & trunk space. Lows Steering feel could be better, expensive sầu, no more manual transmission. Verdict The 3-series is the segment"s finest sedan thanks to lớn its cohesive sầu and engaging demeanor.


The 2021 BMW 3-series epitomizes the modern sports sedan with its comprehensive sầu performance và innate sophistication. It also earns a spot on our Editors" Choice các mục. The German brand offers two phenomenal gas engines–a 255-hp four-cylinder & a 385-hp straight-six–that are as quiông chồng as they are refined. There"s also a plug-in hybrid for the green crowd. While we"re sad that BMW eliminatesd the 3"s manual transmission, the perceptive sầu eight-tốc độ automatic is a worthy substitute. What"s more, the 3"s fantastic chassis can seamlessly shift from calm khổng lồ frisky at a moment"s notice. Unfortunately, its steering—although improved over the previous generation"s—still lacks the tactility that enthusiasts once idolized. The 2021 3-series fulfills its mission as an entry-level premium sedan with ample cabin và trunk space as well as copious amounts of luxury và giải pháp công nghệ.

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What"s New for 2021?

For 2021, the 3-series lineup sees the return of the 330e plug-in-hybrid Model. Compared with the last-gen PHEV, the lakiểm tra version boasts several improvements, such as a higher top tốc độ in electric mode (87 mph versus 75), a larger battery (12.0 kilowatt-hours versus 7.6), and a longer EPA-rated all-electric range (up khổng lồ 22 miles versus 14).

Pricing và Which One khổng lồ Buy

We prefer the gas-powered versions lớn the plug-in hybrid. There"s no question that the M340i packs the most performance, but its asking price is too high for us. Instead, we"d choose the 330i for its surprisingly sufficient power và truly athletic behavior. Those who want all-wheel drive can add it for $2000. We would equip our example with the M Thể Thao package that brings additional features, unique styling bits, và a specially tuned suspension.

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We"d also add the Premium package for its blind-spot monitoring, hands-không tính tiền passive sầu entry, head-up display, heated steering wheel, larger touchscreen, and more. The Track Handling package optimizes the sedan"s driving dynamics via adaptive dampers and upgraded brakes. Other desirable but affordable options include the Harman/Kardon sound system, heated front & rear seats, remote start, power-operated trunklid, và a Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless charging.

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Engine, Transmission, và Performance

The 3-series offers two smooth & potent gas-powered engines. The 330i features a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that makes 255 horsepower & 295 pound-feet of torque. The M340i pairs with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six that produces 385 ponies & 369 pound-feet. The 330e plug-in hybrid combines a turbo 2.0-liter engine with an electric motor that together generate 288 horses và 310 pound-feet. Our first impression of the 330e revealed a harmonious relationship between the gas và electric elements, và we lượt thích the plug-in"s new Xtraboost function that provides a burst of power that feels like a shot of nitrous. Each powertrain pairs with an exceptional eight-tốc độ automatic transmission & standard rear-wheel drive sầu. You can power all four wheels for a price. Unfortunately, a manual gearbox is no longer available. (Purists should hold out for the all-new BMW M3 if they need the stiông xã.) Buyers can choose between two suspension setups on the 3: the base arrangement or the tăng cấp with adaptive sầu dampers. Our first drive of this G20-ren 3-series was encouraging. The car"s newfound steering feel provides more road-surface information and variable effort than its predecessor did, but it"s still lacking compared with that of the 3"s iconic early generations. The four-cylinder Bimmer proved its worth by winning a comparison kiểm tra against other sports sedans. We applauded its ability to lớn transition from relaxed & refined to lớn sharp và playful. The 330i also secured its spot at the top of its class by thwarting the gorgeous Alfa Romeo Giulia in a two-car comparo. Our long-term M340i further proves the nameplate"s return khổng lồ khung, with its superb six-cylinder and remarkable body toàn thân control.