giấy phép lái xe Wireless Systems provide professional-chất lượng sound with simple thiết đặt và an intuitive interface. Choose from a wide range of transmitter form factors (handheld, bodypack, headworn, lavalier, instrument clip-on) and use it with single- and dual-channel, as well as rack-mounted receivers.

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Professional wireless made easy

The system is designed to phối up quickly, manage simply, & provide legendary audio unique.

Versatility included

An impressive variety of microphones are available in giấy phép lái xe systems, so you can find the sound that works for you.

Extover the stage

The system operates up khổng lồ a range of 300 feet, so you can take the show into the crowd without interruption.

System includes choice of microphone, transmitter, & receiverChoice of receiver type for portability or lớn install on site or in rackTransmitters work for up lớn 14 hours on two AA batteriesRuns up khổng lồ 12 systems per frequency band
* BLX How To: Set Up the Hardware
* BLX How To: Set Best Channel
* giấy phép lái xe How To: Persize a Soundkiểm tra
* BLX4R How To: Set Up the Hardware
* BLX4R How To: Set the Best Channel
* BLX4R How To: Perform a Soundcheck




INCAE Business School Relies on MXA910 to Transform Classrooms inkhổng lồ Cutting-Edge Spaces

With a history spanning more than 50 years, operations in Central America & several countries of South and North America, & bases in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, INCAE Business School is ranked as 11th school in Latin America và the best non-US school in the continent, according to lớn the most recent ranking of The Financial Times.

Industry standard microphone tailored to lớn deliver warm và clear vocal reproduction with analogue transmission.

Featuring an integrated PG58 microphone cartridge, the BLX2/PG58 Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter delivers wireless audio with professional clarity và reliability.

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Wireless Frequency Finder

This tool provides recommended frequencies for Wireless System use in the United States.

Wireless Accessory Wizard

With a few simple inputs, this selection wizard provides recommended items for your wireless microphone setup, and/or a diagram on how the antennas and antenmãng cầu distribution are connected.

Wireless Mic Remote Antennas Tool

Enter distance between antenmãng cầu và receiver khổng lồ get thiết lập recommendations for the receiver.

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With automated frequency management & rechargeable power, GLX-D Digital Wireless provides confidently clear audio for small & medium stages.