Looking for the shopping center with the various selection of products & affordable prices, we should mention the Big C Thang Long (Big C Thăng Long) which is both a family-oriented supermarket & shopping mall. Big C supermarket in Hanoi offers a wide range of local và imported products including cosmetics, household appliances, wine clothes, và organic goods.

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chợ giao thương Big C Thang Long: Igiảm giá khuyến mãi Shopping Mall For Families In Hanoi, Vietnam

Location: 222 Tran Duy Hung (Trần Duy Hưng) Road, Cau Giay (Cầu Giấy) District, Hanoi

Opening Hours: 8: 30 am to 10 pm

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Located on Tran Duy Hung Street, chợ giao thương Big C Thang Long has been asserted as an interesting shopping và entertainment destination for everyone, especially, families who want to lớn cửa hàng for food và household necessities. For 10 years of opening and developing, chợ giao thương Big C Thang Long has continuously improved its material facilities, equipment, services, and chất lượng to meet the customer’s shopping và entertainment needs & give sầu them a comfortable & pleasing experience.

Big C Thang Long is divided inlớn several specializing areas which has its own activities. At the first floor of this supermarket, you will find the selling area of jewelry, famous fashion, electronics, etc. The products here are fairly expensive than ones in some other areas but they have sầu good quality. Therefore, the first-floor area of chợ giao thương Big C Thang Long is a top choice for people with good economic conditions.

Using an escalator, you can go lớn the supermarket area located on the second floor. There are plenty of products & goods including drinking water, dry food, dry goods, spices, home page appliances which are displayed neatly streamlined lớn help buyers find the products they want to make the purchase more easily.

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After a day of shopping, it is great for you khổng lồ enjoy the delicious dishes at the Big C’s food court which is divided inlớn two areas: a living area và a cooked food area. The living area offers all kinds of food like meat, vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. The food items in this supermarket are fresh & safe guaranteed. The cooked food area serves delicious dishes prepared and cooked by the skillful chefs, giving the guests eye-catching, yummy và delicious meals. Bread is a special food in Big C because it is baked directly, bringing guests hot & full taste. Furthermore, you can order the food or drink và staffs will bring them khổng lồ your place.

chợ giao thương Big C Thang Long is not only a supermarket with a wide range of products và affordable prices but also a wonderful entertainment destination for children and families. The entertainment activities và services in chợ giao thương Big C Thang Long supermarket are increasingly developed and improved with the indoor swimming pool equipped with smart technology which can accommodate about 100 people. Big C Thang Long also frequently introduces several swimming courses with good teachers.

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Nowadays, although many shopping centers from a leading corporation with modern facilities are opened, Big C Thang Long (Hanoi) is still proved the strong position và role in the shopping sector and economic development of Vietnam giới. I hope that you will find useful information in this article on Any questions can be left in the comment section and we will answer them as soon as we can.