Special us$ 100 "banh mi" in ho chi minh city


In every corner of Vietnam, Banh mi appears as a daily breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack & is preferred by most locals. Though found everywhere, the food in a particular place has its own features. In Saigon, Banh mày is flavorful with sweetness, saltiness, spiciness, & sourness. Lớn enjoy such a flavour explosion, places lượt thích Huynh Hoa, Hoa Ma, Nhu Lan, etc. Are always available for you travel lovers.

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1. Banh mày Huynh Hoa

Address: no.26, Le Thi Rieng St., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 Open hour: 3 pm - 10 pm Price range: $2.04 - $2.48 (47,000 VND - 57,000 VND)

As the first to come to mind when the locals are asked about a place lớn find Banh mi in Saigon, Banh mày Huynh Hoa has long gained a reputation for its food chất lượng and price. A basic Banh ngươi here is filled with pate, vegetables, and about 5 kinds of pork, which makes it, on the outside, incredibly big. Such a portion can make you full for all day, so sharing with your friend is suggested. For the taste, the bread is crispy, and the filling inside is lượt thích a flavour explosion. Some may not lượt thích the taste as it is combined with a lot of ingredients.

However, that"s how a typical Banh mày in Saigon tastes, & with the pretty high price, it totally makes sense. The place is right in the đô thị center, quite easy to lớn find. There is the only takeaway, so you can buy one and sit in a random coffee shop to enjoy it. Also, eating Banh Mi and drinking coffee while seeing vehicles moving on the street is a striking aspect of Saigonese culture.


2. Banh ngươi Hoa Ma

Address: no.53, Cao Thang St., Ward 3, District 3 Open hour: 6 am - 11 am Price range: $2.17 - $2.61 (50,000 ND - 60,000 VND)

If you are looking for a delicious breakfast, the bread pan in Banh ngươi Hoa Ma will not let you down. Instead of stuffing inside, the Banh mày here is eaten with a pan of hot foods & drinks like coffee & tea, thus giving you enough energy for all day. If coming here for the first time, you can order the basic option which includes hot crispy bread and a pan of 2 sunny-side-up eggs (Op La), 2 or 3 slices of pork bologna (Cha Lua), roasted cinnamon pork (Cha Que), sausage, jambon, as well as onions.

Besides, a cup of iced coffee will significantly enhance the taste. In fact, this is one of the oldest Banh mày restaurants in sai Gon, which started its business in 1958 và has been famous since then. Therefore, the chất lượng is undoubtedly excellent. You can come, buy and eat right in the place as there are tables. The eating space is open, which is easy for you lớn watch the street while eating. Besides, one thing khổng lồ take cảnh báo of is that when the place gets crowded, serving can be a bit slow. Khổng lồ avoid this, try lớn come there early.


Banh mày Hoa Ma

3. Banh Mi bay Ho

Address: no.23, Huynh Khuong Ninh St. Dakao Ward, District 1 Open hour: 1.30 pm - 7 pm Price range: from $0.74 (17,000 VND)

For those budget travellers, bay Ho is definitely the best idea to lớn enjoy Banh ngươi in Saigon. A basic option here, like in Huynh Hoa, is a hot bread stuffed with pork, vegetable, và pate, but is smaller and much cheaper. If you are not into the big & fully stuffed Banh Mi, the Banh mày Saigon in cất cánh Ho will be enough khổng lồ satisfy you.

Besides, the brand has existed for a very long time, about 90 years. Therefore, there is no doubt that its chất lượng is rated 5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. Also, the place was once mentioned in the Netflix series Street Food: Asia. Why don’t you come and enjoy the taste of Banh mày here? The store only serves takeaway so you can buy one during your trip around the city.


Banh Mi cất cánh Ho

4. Banh mày Nhu Lan

Address: No.50 - 64 - 68, đắm say Nghi St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 / No. 363 - 365 - 367, Hai ba Trung St., Ward 8, District 3 Open hour: 4 am - 11 pm Price range: from $1.31 (30,000 VND)

Located right in the city centre, Banh ngươi Nhu Lan is easy for tourists lớn find and get the takeaway during their trip. Coming here, you will not have a wide range of choices but only two are bread with meat và Vietnamese pork bologna with bread. However, both of them are really delicious, crusty on the outside, & chewy on the inside with the combination of meat, flavorful homemade pate, và fresh veggies, enough lớn satisfy your taste.

Each will cost you only $1.31, which is quite reasonable. Besides Banh ngươi Saigon, sandwiches, baguettes, và Vietnamese traditional noodles lượt thích pho are offered at the same price for your lunch or dinner. At night, you can also come here to find some smoothies or sweet gruels for dessert. All are quite good and cheap.


5. Banh mi Van (Nguyen Trai)

Address: Alley 150, Nguyen Trai St., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 Open hour: 6 am - 10.20 am Price range: $0.66 - $0.87 (15,000 VND - 20,000 VND)

Banh mi Van is, in fact, a food truck that has existed for over đôi mươi years & earned its reputation for the quality Banh mày Bi (pork skin Saigon sandwich). This dish is, generally, made from a mixture of pork skin, blade, and powdered grilled rice put into the bread with pickles & slices of cucumber. When eaten, it is combined with the special fish sauce, giving you a very new taste. Though there are now many other restaurants that serve this kind of Saigon sandwich, none has surpassed Banh mi Van in terms of the dish’s taste as its recipe is the family heirloom, & all ingredients are fresh & clean. The food truck parks right in alley 150, Nguyen Trai street, quite easy to lớn find, so you can come & buy a Banh ngươi during your trip around the city.

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6. Banh ngươi Pha vệ sinh Tam Ky

Address: no.823, Nguyen Trai St., Ward 14, District 5 Open hour: 11 am - 8.30 pm Price range: $0.66 (15,000 VND)

Besides Banh Mi, Pha vệ sinh is a very famous dish of Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố (Saigon). The dish itself features pig or beef offals stewed with coconut milk và is known as a delicious snack of the Saigonese. When the two appetizing dishes combine, they will create a flavour explosion in your mouth. To try that, you can come to Pha lau Tam Ky và buy yourself a Bread trộn Lau. With the outside being a hot crusty bread, and flavorful stewed pig offals on the inside, the dish will give you a very interesting taste that makes you want to eat more. If you are eager lớn try the Pha lau alone, you can order one for about $1.31 (30,000 VND), which is quite cheap for an enthralling experience.


Banh mày Pha lau Tam Ky

7. Chao Restaurant

Address: no.31, Tran quang Dieu St., Ward 14, District 3 Open hour: 10 am - 10 pm Price range: $1.09 - $3.06 (25,000 VND - 70,000 VND)

With the cozy indoor space and delicious bread pan, Chao Restaurant can be a great idea for a hangout night with your friends or lover. The Banh mày here, like in Banh mày Hoa Ma, is served with a pan of hot foods which includes fried eggs, pate, meat, sausage, and a special sauce. The differences are that you will be offered a wide range of choices, and besides the main dish as Banh Mi, salads, french fries, và drinks are available for you khổng lồ choose from. Therefore, it is quite convenient to have a meal here.

For the taste, Banh mi is crispy on the outside, while the inside is quite soft và sweet. The foods are hot & quite easy to eat. Besides, some will not like the sauce as it is sometimes too watery but in general, it is acceptable. One good point of Chao Restaurant is the cozy space with wooden furniture and lights, so if you come here in the evening, it will be an ideal place to check-in.


Banh mày Chao Restaurant Saigon

8. Banh mày Chao teo 3 Hau

Address: no.36, Street 18, Ward 8, Go Vap Dist. Open hour: 7 am - 10 pm Price range: $1.09 - $3.06 (25,000 VND - 70,000 VND)

Another place lớn find the best Banh mày Saigon is Banh mày Chao co 3 Hau, located in the Go Vap District. Though quite far from the đô thị center, the restaurant is still crowded with tourists & local people, which can be explained by its delicious char siu. Besides popular foods lượt thích eggs, meat, and sausage, Banh mi is eaten with Vietnamese barbecue pork (char siu) that is sweet, soft, & juicy. If you have time during your vacation, you can get to lớn Banh mày Chao teo 3 Hau lớn enjoy this delicious dish.


9. Bami teo Bong

Address: no.443/18A, Le Van Sy St., Ward 12, District 3. Open hour: 8 am - 1 pm; 3 pm - 10 pm Price range: $1.09 - $2.40 (25,000 VND - 55,000 VND)

Coming to Bami co Bong, you will be served with hot crusty bread and especially delicious fried pate. As the pate here is all homemade with clean & fresh ingredients, it is aromatic, soft, juicy, & not too greasy but tastes really good. When eaten with some slices of beef & sunny-rise-up eggs, the pate will leave a distinctively delicious taste in your mouth. Besides, the price here is a bit lower than that in other bread pan restaurants. Therefore, it will be the best place for budget travellers to enjoy Banh mày Saigon.

10. Doner Kebab Nguyen Thuong Hien

Address: no.9, Nguyen Thuong Hien St., Ward 5, District 3 Open hour: 7 am - 10.30 pm Price range: $1.09 - $1.97 (25,000 VND - 45,000 VND)

Though Doner Kebab is a German dish, it is quite popular in Vietnam and now becoming so familiar to lớn the locals. If you want to lớn eat this kind of bread, you can go to lớn Donner Kebab Nguyen Thuong Hien, which is quite close to lớn the city centre. Here, a basic Doner Kebab includes slices of grilled pork, pickles, and veggies put into a special triangle slide of bread. As it is made for the locals, the taste doesn’t remain original but changes a bit to lớn suit the Vietnamese. Therefore, if you have a chance to try Donner in Germany before, you can eat one in Nguyen Thuong Hien to find out the differences.

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Above is our recommendation for the Top 10 Places khổng lồ Have the Best Banh mi Saigon. If you have any questions or want khổng lồ try Banh Mi, vày not hesitate khổng lồ sign up for our Ho đưa ra Minh food tours, or contact us through our website. We are always available to help you with the best experience.