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Support, networking, & resources for family-owned business

The Alberta Business Family Institute recognizes the vital impact of family enterprise on our economy, as well as the specialized needs of this quality entity. ABFI is committed to improving the statistics through the provision of essential tools, guidance và knowledge in such areas as:

succession và estate planningcorporate governanceleadership developmentconflict resolution, and more.

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Check out our Family Enterprise Leadership Series. All online workshops brought to you by Canadian Western Bank.

The Alberta Business Family Institute proudly presents the Hay Family of Scandinavian Building Services for our 18th annual Signature 2021 Event. Sneak a peak as this family shares and discusses the successes and challenges of their transition & their unique business before our sự kiện in October 2021.

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Family Businesses and their IMPACT on our Economy

Family Businesses are rooted in communities across our diverse geography, successful family enterprises sustain a multigenerational commitment khổng lồ job creation & khổng lồ the social cohesion that builds community và national prosperity.

The Family Enterprise Xchange Foundation commissioned a research paper by the Conference Board of Canadomain authority lớn accurately measure the economic & social impact of family enterprises. This report confirms that family enterprises account for approximately 1/2 of private-sector gross domestic sản phẩm and nearly 7 million jobs across the country.

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Family Enterprises directly generated approximately $574.6 billion in 2017-48.9% of GDPhường originating from the private sector.

Family-owned businesses directly accounted for 6.9 million jobs in 2017, amounting to 46.9% of private-sector employment & 37.4% of the entire workforce. Over 90% of these jobs (6.4 million) are in small và medium-sized family enterprises.

In the agricultural sector, for example, these businesses accounted for more than 80% of employment in 2017. The cốt truyện of family enterprise employment is also significant in transportation and warehousing (85.4%), accommodation và food services (71.3%), & construction (68.5%).

Family Businesses are RESILIENT

Between 2007 and 2013, total revenues grew 14.6% on average ahy vọng family enterprises, compared khổng lồ 13.9% for all other firms. Of firms that were operating in 2007, 70.1% of confirmed family enterprises were still operating in 2013, compared lớn just 65.2% of other firms.

Staggering, isn"t it? Family Business is a powerful force in the Canadian economy. Understanding what makes them successful is vital in all organizations.

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All statistics can be found on both the Conference Board of Canada "The Economic Impact of Family-Owned Enterprises in Canada" Report September 2019 and the Family Enterprise XChange Foundation "Family Enterprise Matters" Report September 2019.