18/8 Men'S Salon


Located at Town và Country Village, next to lớn Stanford, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon Palo Alto lớn will be your haven for all men’s hair và grooming services.

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From ear waxing lớn manicures and everything in between, the team at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Palo Allớn is excited lớn give you an experience every man needs. After your visit lớn our premium barbercửa hàng, we assure you, that you’ll walk out looking và feeling at your best!


At 18|8, we think of our stylists và barbers as artists – they’ve spent years working on their craft, & few things make them happier than to see a great haircut và a clean shave or well trimmed beard. No matter what your style, when you visit our premium barbershop, we’ll leave sầu you looking better than ever before. 

When you first walk inkhổng lồ our salon tóc, you’ll be greeted by our friendly Directors of First Impression – or DOFIs as we lượt thích lớn Gọi them. They will kiểm tra you in for your appointment and offer you a beverage, allowing you khổng lồ relax and enjoy our premium amenities.

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Our clients feedbacks are result of our commitment to provide excellent customer service to lớn all our guests. So, come in and enjoy a complimentary drink before you get a top-class men’s haircut or grooming service in a cozy & comfortable environment from our expert team of hair stylists and barbers. 

"So if there is one thing I’ve sầu learned it’s that a haircut can make you look really good or really bad. 18/8 men’s salon tóc makes sure you look good every time. They have stydanh mục & barbers trained in men’s hair! This makes all the difference since men’s hair is very different than women’s hair. I strongly recommend 18/8."
"My visit khổng lồ 18/8 by far exceeded my expectations. I was first referred to lớn this location by someone who had tried out all the different haircut places around the area & was not satisfied with the service they offered. I am glad I took their advice because I couldn"t be any happier with my haircut."
"Just moved to lớn the area recently và needed to lớn find a salon làm tóc lớn replace my old one. This place went above and beyond my expectations. The service was excellent và I was very satisfied with my cut. They have sầu mini bar with wine, beer, & sodas as well which was a pleasant surprise."
"A great place for men"s haircare. Clean, comfortable, well staffed, và professional. Found this location from review and they were all true. Do yourself a favor and ask for Courteney"
"18/8 is a really nice place. Most importantly they"ll give you a great haircut, but they also vì chưng a little extra. They offer drinks while you wait, they have you change out of your shirt so you don"t get hair on it, & they just generally take good care of you."
"Had a great haircut here today. Wonderful upscale men"s salon tóc with beer và really great staff. Will be baông chồng."
"Came here first time last week. To tell you the truth it exceeded my expectations. Got executive haircut from Jessica. She nailed it with great haircut finishing with hot stone mas sa và hot towel. To be honest price is pretty good compared to lớn other high kết thúc salon tóc in the area. Some other women"s salon làm tóc doing men"s hair charge upwards on $75 và don"t have sầu facilities cthảm bại lớn this."
Haircutting Services
Waxing services
Shave Services
Nail Treatments

No hairstyle is complete without the right products so we’ve sầu partnered with the industry’s leading hair và grooming sản phẩm brands lớn ensure you have sầu the right tools khổng lồ create your desired new look at trang chủ.

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Our 18|8 men’s salon làm tóc & barbershop provides men’s hair & grooming services, friendly & professional service by expert stylists và barbers, in a relaxing & welcoming environment.